Terms & conditions for ticket purchase

e-shop terms & conditions

By visiting and using the online ticket store www.ticketshop.lv (also www.ticketshop.ee, www.ticketshop.lt, www.ticketshop.store, hereinafter e-shop) and making purchases in the e-shop, its users agree and undertake to comply with the e-shop terms of use below.

The e-shop is managed by SIA FIRST ROW TECHNOLOGY (hereinafter TICKETSHOP), legal address: Rūpniecības street 21, Riga, LV-1045, e-mail: [email protected].

1. General terms

1.1. TICKETSHOP is not an event organizer.

1.2. TICKETSHOP sells event tickets on behalf of the organizers, in accordance with the conditions set by the organizers, and is not entitled to set or change ticket prices or their sale and redemption terms (including venue and time of the event, venue capacity, possible discounts and other parameters).

1.3. All rights and obligations in connection with the tickets are assumed and determined by the organizer of the event in question and TICKETSHOP is not responsible for the content, modification or performance of these rights and obligations.

1.4. The name and contact information of the event organizer is available in the e-shop on the page of the specific event and printed on all tickets for the specific event.

1.5. TICKETSHOP is not a representative of the event organizer or any other person responsible for the organization and conduct of the event, its content and quality, information or advertising.

1.6. TICKETSHOP will not reimburse the value of lost, destroyed or damaged tickets and will not issue other tickets in lieu of such tickets.

2. Ticket types, prices and payment

2.1. There may be differently priced tickets available for the same event at the same time.

2.2. According to the price policy of the event organizer, there may be special ticket offers or special prices, the conditions and terms of which are indicated separately in the description of each event.

2.3. E-ticket sales may be terminated before the start time of the event, if the event organizer determines so.

2.4. Purchasing tickets in the e-shop is a paid service and the service fee is added to the total purchase amount. The service fee is indicated as a separate item in the total cost calculation.

2.5. At certain venues, an additional venue fee may be charged for each ticket, which is collected by TICKETSHOP by adding this amount to total purchase sum.

2.6. Ticket prices and the number of tickets available in the e-store (in general for the event and for the respective price) may change until the customer has added tickets to their shopping cart.

2.7. In order to pay for the selected tickets in the e-shop, after placing them in the shopping cart, 15 minutes are given, during which the customer must pay for the tickets using online bank or payment cards (VISA, Mastercard).

2.8. If the customer has not made the payment within 15 minutes, the transaction has not taken place. Tickets are released for free sale and the customer has to redo the ticket purchase process. In this case, TICKETSHOP will not be liable if the customer fails to re-purchase the previously selected tickets (if they have already been purchased or if all tickets for the event have been purchased).

2.9. Ticket booking for later payment is not possible in the e-shop, payment for the selected tickets must be made immediately.

2.10. TICKETSHOP reserves the right to cancel any purchase if there is a suspicion of a possible fraudulent nature of the transaction.

2.11. Unauthorized use of another person's Internet banking, payment card and / or payment card data, including the purchase of goods and services, is illegal. A person guilty of such a criminal transaction may be prosecuted in accordance with the Criminal Law of the Republic of Latvia.

2.12. For certain events it may be possible to purchase event ticket insurance from TICKETSHOP insurance partner. Price for ticket insurance will be displayed separately, when this option is selected. Insurance premium is collected by TICKETSHOP by adding this amount to total purchase sum.

3. Delivery

3.1. After making the payment, returning to the merchant's e-shop, it is possible to save the e-ticket (in .pdf and .pkpass format) on your device or print it out. The ticket in both formats is also automatically sent to the customer's e-mail address provided by the customer during the ticket purchase process. You can also find the ticket in your user account in the e-shop, in the section "My purchases", and print / save it.

3.2. TICKETSHOP shall not be liable for errors in the delivery of tickets if they are due to inaccurate data provided by the customer.

3.3. In case the customer has not received the purchased tickets in his e-mail within 24h period, the customer must contact TICKETSHOP by e-mail [email protected].

4. TICKETSHOP rights and obligations

4.1. One customer can buy no more than 8 tickets per event at one time. The organizer and TICKETSHOP have the right to set other restrictions on the amount of tickets for a specific event.

4.2. TICKETSHOP does not verify the user's identity, except for the username and password. The data of any e-shop user is protected and not available for public viewing. Registration is not required to make a purchase.

4.3. Neither TICKETSHOP nor the event organizer will verify the identity of the ticket purchaser or holder, nor will it be liable for any damages that may result from the use of incorrect data or other personal data.

4.4. TICKETSHOP does not check whether a particular user is entitled to purchase discounted tickets (for example, a “Student Discount”) in accordance with the rules of the event organizer. Purchasing a discounted ticket does not guarantee entry to the event. The right to enter the event in such cases shall be checked at the venue.

4.5. Violation of the e-shop terms of use gives TICKETSHOP the right to block the user's access to the e-shop and / or cancel any purchase of user tickets.

4.6. An e-shop can contain links to information on the Internet. As TICKETSHOP cannot control these sites and the information contained therein, TICKETSHOP assumes no responsibility for the truthfullness or accuracy of the information on these sites.

5. Customer rights and obligations

5.1. The user of the e-shop undertakes not to disturb the operation of the e-shop and not to interfere in its technical solutions.

5.2. Any monitoring, copying, reproduction, use and publication of the e-shop and it's contents for any purpose is prohibited.

5.3. Any activity that causes an unreasonably large amount of data be down-/uploaded from/to the e-shop or ticket reservation system is prohibited.

5.4. When purchasing tickets, the customer makes sure that he has actually received the tickets by e-mail or in the form of downloadable files after payment. Otherwise, immediately inform TICKETSHOP by e-mail [email protected].

5.5. E-shop user agrees to:

• that he is at least 18 years old (persons aged 7-18 with limited liability need an adult confirmation that they have the right to use the e-shop);

• comply with all terms of use of the e-shop;

• take full responsibility for actions taken with his username and password;

• not to use a third party payment card or bank access data to pay for tickets without consent;

• comply with the ticket usage rules listed on each ticket and event description and / or other special notices in the e-shop environment.

5.6. Take care when making copies of tickets (both physical and digital) for own storage/use needs. Only the first presenter of a certain ticket will be admitted to the venue.

5.7. When purchasing ticket insurance, e-shop user agrees, that he has read and understood the Privacy policy, Insurance product information document, Pre-contractual information and Insurance terms & conditions of the insurance service provider. Also, the e-shop user agrees to receive all the information intended for him regarding ticket insurance on the Ticketshop website.

6. Order cancellation / Refund of the transaction amount

6.1. 14.06.2016. Cabinet Regulation No. 255 of the "On Distance Contracts" paragraph 22.12. states: "(The consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal if) the contract is for accommodation services (excluding contracts for the rental of accommodation), the carriage of goods, the hire of vehicles, catering or entertainment events if the service provider undertakes to provide the service on a specific day or during a specified period", therefore, tickets purchased by the user will not be redeemed upon request, unless otherwise stated by the organizer.

6.2. In case the event is canceled, moved or the venue is changed (more than within the city limits), the event organizer is responsible for redeeming tickets. TICKETSHOP can undertake to ensure the ticket redemption process on behalf of the organizer. During the COVID-19 pandemic, see paragraph No. 8.

6.3. In case of ticket redemption, the customer is refunded only the nominal value of the ticket and the event venue fee (if applicable at the time of purchase), using the same payment method as used to purchase the ticket. The ticket insurance premium (if added to the specific ticket) is not refunded in this case.

6.4. TICKETSHOP shall not be liable for the canceled / moved events, their organization and advertising or information related to the event, nor for any damages or indemnities that may result from the cancellation / move of the event.

7. Other regulations

7.1. All complaints about the content, quality and advertising of the event must be submitted to the event organizer.

7.2. Any discrepancies that may arise when shopping in the e-store are resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.

7.3. TICKETSHOP reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time without notice. In the event of any differences in the content of the translations into other languages, the Latvian language version of the Terms & conditions shall prevail.

7.4. These terms and conditions are available in the TICKETSHOP e-shop, on the main page, in the "Information" section.

7.5. TICKETSHOP reserves the right to not answer calls form customers if it's not possible to identify phone number used for the call e.g. No Caller ID.

8. COVID-19 pandemic, emergency situation in the Republic of Latvia, etc.

8.1. During the state of emergency declared in Latvia and during the period when the conditions of the pandemic are managed by special laws and the legal norms are changed every week, a situation may arise when any of the amendments to the law are in conflict with the TICKETSHOP e-shop terms of use. In that case, the law of the Republic of Latvia has a higher legal force and must be followed primarily.

8.2. During a pandemic, TICKETSHOP personalizes e-tickets for specific events in accordance with the law. TICKETSHOP does not check the accuracy of personalization data. The customer assumes responsibility for providing the correct personalization data for each purchased ticket, being aware that in case of providing incorrect data, entry to the specific event may be denied.