PORNOFILMY / ПОРНОФИЛЬМЫ | BRATISLAVA 1 October 2023, 20:00 (Sunday)


1 October 2023, 20:00 (Sunday)
Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Age restriction: 0+
The most popular punk rock band of recent years, Pornofilmy, will perform in Bratislava.

Pornofilms is first of all sincerity and courage, it is acutely social political lyrics, it is real punk rock - as it should be.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, the Russian band Pornofilms refused to perform in their homeland. But now it has a chance to explore foreign venues and clubs and expand its audience. If you like aggressive rock in Russian and you are in Europe, take a chance to buy a ticket to the Pornofilms concert in Slovakia. Visit this performance, and get a good charge of drive, which only good guitar punk can give.

It is supposed that the current line-up of the band will take the stage:

Vocals - Vladimir Kotlyarov.
Guitar - Vyacheslav Seleznev and Alexander Rusakov. Both musicians perform backing vocals. Vyacheslav Seleznev, as well as Vladimir Kotlyarov, are the old-timers of the band, and Alexander Rusakov fulfils the functions of the manager.
Bass guitar - Alexander Agafonov.
Drums - Kirill Muravyev.
It is expected that at the event the musicians will perform songs from their new, or rather, extreme album, released in 2020, as well as old hits, proven by time. The band's style is hard punk rock. To the sound of guitars are added sharp, politicised lyrics by Vladimir Kotlyarov. From many bands playing punk, the guys stand out for their healthy lifestyle, which is especially dissonant with their musical aggressiveness. None of the guys drink, smoke, use drugs, and all of them are vegetarians. In this way they resemble the bands that played hard hardcore (a mixture of rap and metal) in the West in the 1980s.

Interesting facts

The group “Pornofilms” is characterised by energy, musical assertiveness, as well as a clear political orientation in the lyrics. Vladimir Kotlyarov is the permanent leader of the group.

The musician was born in the city of Dubno, where his team was assembled - it happened in 2008. In the classic composition of "Pornofilms" played bassist and backing vocalist Dmitry Kuznetsov and drummer Alexei Nilov. The former left the team in 2016, and the latter - in 2013. There is a whole story connected with the name of the band. Vladimir Kotlyarov approached the search for it, on the one hand, as a punk, trying to find something provocative, and on the other hand, he behaved as a team leader, realising that something catchy and memorable was needed. The epiphany came when the young poet heard on the news about the liquidation of another pornographic film production studio. The issue had been resolved.

However, the name of the collective somehow played a cruel joke with him. The fact is that the cancellation by the authorities of concerts in Russia for "Pornofilms" is a common phenomenon. But once in Ulan-Ude the reason for this was not the position of the musicians, but the name, in which valiant citizens saw the propaganda of pornography. But such a curiosity for the performance of the band "Pornofilms" in Germany should not be expected. Concerts will take place, the main thing is to buy tickets in time.

Pornofilms are heavy and uncompromising punk rock.

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